Vision and mission, priority-driven

The Northern Arizona Healthcare Foundation, established in 2016, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.

We are committed to our vision: a future when every person in northern Arizona has equal access to quality healthcare and the opportunity to achieve optimal health. Our mission is to advance the region’s health priorities through support for Northern Arizona Healthcare and community-based nonprofit organizations. In essence, we support the communities of northern Arizona by raising the level of health and quality of life.

Our fundraising priorities are driven by the community health needs in this region: improved access to quality healthcare, positive behavioral health outcomes, and reduction in the incidence and negative impacts of chronic disease.

Working together with you - our generous donors - and health-focused nonprofit organizations, we make our vision a reality by:

Providing opportunities to give based on the priorities, interests, and giving styles of our donors:  Together, we support ongoing excellence at Northern Arizona Healthcare, a team of more than 3,400 doctors, nurses, and other experts representing 50 medical specialties.  This is one key step toward improving the lives of those in northern Arizona. 

Funding local nonprofit organizations:   We are partners in the pursuit of creating healthier communities.

Collaborating with community organizations, funding collaborators, government agencies, corporations, and educational institutions to make a collective impact, bringing health benefits to the greatest number of people possible.

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