Why should I donate to the Northern Arizona Healthcare Foundation?
World-class healthcare relies heavily on private funding, so your support of the Northern Arizona Healthcare Foundation is invaluable. Every contribution has the potential to make a positive difference in someone’s life and meet the healthcare needs in the communities we serve.

Who gives to the Foundation?

Our donors come from all walks of life and income levels. We have the support of patients, family members, employees, medical staff, concerned individuals, corporations, organizations, churches, retirees, and private and corporate foundations. Your gift, combined with those of other caring people, has a positive impact on Northern Arizona Healthcare. Every gift counts!

Are gifts to the Northern Arizona Healthcare Foundation tax deductible?    The Northern Arizona Healthcare Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.  To confirm that the Foundation has received your gift and for tax purposes, you'll receive a letter documenting the gift amount.

How do I make out my check?
Make checks payable to the Northern Arizona Healthcare Foundation.

Where do I mail my check?
Northern Arizona Healthcare Foundation
1030 N. San Francisco St., Ste. 130
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Northern Arizona Healthcare Foundation

How is the Northern Arizona Healthcare Foundation governed?
The Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of directors.  Board members are charged with advancing the Foundation’s mission, stewarding the gifts and assets, and fulfilling Foundation strategic priorities

What specific services does the Northern Arizona Healthcare Foundation provide?
The Northern Arizona Healthcare Foundation is primarily responsible for fundraising, grant writing, managing special events, investing funds, and providing stewardship for fund disbursement. We are committed to strengthening relationships with donors and partners of Northern Arizona Healthcare in the quest to provide world-class healthcare and address the healthcare needs of the communities we serve.

How do I become more involved?
We offer a range of opportunities for involvement. Our Special Events team is honored to have community sponsors and volunteers assisting in events throughout the year. Also check out opportunities to donate or apply for funding.

Besides cash or monetary pledge, what other types of gifts are accepted?
Non-cash, or in-kind, gifts are welcome, although our staff will need to review and approve them in accordance with tax guidelines. Gifts that can be accepted upon approval include:

  • New items benefiting our patients, such as toys for children in the Emergency Department (no batteries or small loose parts, please); blankets for cancer patients receiving treatment; or clothes for children seen in the Safe Child Center.
  • New items for auction or raffle at our special fundraising events, such as art, jewelry, golf foursomes, or vacation packages.
  • Personal property that may be sold for cash, such as art, real estate, a vehicle, or jewelry.

Where do I deliver my gift?
Northern Arizona Healthcare Foundation – Flagstaff
1030 N. San Francisco, Ste. C
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Northern Arizona Healthcare Foundation – Verde Valley
269 S. Candy Lane
Cottonwood, AZ 86326


What is a planned gift?
A planned gift is any major gift made during the donor’s lifetime, or at his or her death as part of the donor’s overall financial and/or estate planning. By contrast, annual appeal gifts, special events contributions, or membership dues are made from a donor’s discretionary income. While they may be budgeted for, these types of gifts are not considered “planned giving.”

What are the three types of planned gifts?
The three types of planned gifts are: outright gifts that use appreciated assets as a substitute for cash; gifts that return income or other financial benefits to the donor in return for the contribution; and gifts payable upon the donor’s death.

What assets can a donor use to make a planned gift?
Donors can use any of the following assets to make a planned gift:

  • Cash
  • Securities, such as stocks, bonds and mutual fund shares
  • Real estate
  • Tangible personal property, such as artwork, books, artifacts, or equipment
  • Business or partnership interest, such as closely held stock, a share in a professional corporation or an investment in a limited partnership.
  • Life insurance policies making Northern Arizona Healthcare Foundation the beneficiary
  • Charitable distributions from the balance remaining in a retirement plan at the donor’s death, such as an IRA or 401(k)
  • Gift of income from an investment or asset while retaining ultimate ownership or replacement ownership of the asset

What are the tax benefits of planned giving?
Many planned gifts are made in conjunction with donors’ tax planning strategies. While there can be many benefits, it is important to review these issues with a competent tax professional.


What do Northern Arizona Healthcare and Northern Arizona Healthcare Foundation do with grant funding it receives?
Each grant budget supports targeted initiatives, such as community health screenings; supplies, software and/or equipment; and patient financial assistance. Grant managers ensure grant funds are used only for allowable purposes as described in the approved grant budget.

I would like to give a grant to Northern Arizona Healthcare and/or Northern Arizona Healthcare Foundation. What do I need to do?
If you are an individual and you are making a donation or pledge out of your personal funds or estate, we consider that a much appreciated gift or bequest. Please contact Jennifer Hidinger in the Flagstaff region at 928-773-2426, or Stephanie Giesbrecht in the Verde Valley region at 928-639-6100.

I would like to apply for a grant from Northern Arizona Healthcare Foundation. Who do I call?
The Northern Arizona Healthcare Foundation does not provide financial support to individuals. Support to external community organizations is provided through the Arizona Community Foundation, Flagstaff and Sedona Affiliates. Support to Northern Arizona Healthcare departments is provided through an internal application process. For further information on internal and external support provided by Northern Arizona Healthcare Foundation, please see our Funding Opportunities or contact Carol Fisk at 928-773-2206. 

How much grant funding does Northern Arizona Healthcare and Northern Arizona Healthcare Foundation receive each year?
Total grant funding to Northern Arizona Healthcare and Northern Arizona Healthcare Foundation varies each year depending on many factors, including the needs of each project; organizational strategic priorities; regional or national competition for funding; and the state of the economy. Individual grant budgets can range from $1,000 to millions. Currently, 20 to 30 open grant-funded projects are managed on any given day.

What kinds of organizations give grants to Northern Arizona Healthcare and Northern Arizona Healthcare Foundation?
Northern Arizona Healthcare typically receives grants from the State of Arizona and the Federal government, often coming to Northern Arizona Healthcare through a subaward arrangement with a local agency. Northern Arizona Healthcare Foundation typically receives grants from local service groups, private/community/corporate foundations, and regional nonprofit agencies. Contributions are considered grants (not gifts) when they are the result of a competitive application process; they include a detailed line-item budget; they require reporting back to the grantor; and any unused funds must be returned.

The agency I work for just got a federal grant and we want to partner with Northern Arizona Healthcare for some of the work. Who do I talk to about that?
For information on collaborating with Northern Arizona Healthcare on a federally-funded project, or on identifying Northern Arizona Healthcare as a subrecipient to a federal award, please contact Natalie Harlan at 928-773-2158.

Does Northern Arizona Healthcare receive grants to support research?
Yes, some grants do support research at Northern Arizona Healthcare. Additionally, collaborative research conducted by Northern Arizona Healthcare and Northern Arizona University is conducted under the Translational Health Research Initiative (THRIVE). Information on THRIVE can be obtained by contacting Cindy Beckett at NAH at 928-773-2307 or Bob Trotter at NAU at 928-523-4521.

My company wants to give Northern Arizona Healthcare Foundation a grant to support the annual Turquoise Ball in Flagstaff or Copper Ball in the Verde Valley. Who do I call about that?
This falls in the category of a sponsorship or fundraising event support. The Northern Arizona Healthcare Foundation’s Special Events team has many options for receiving, leveraging, and recognizing your contribution. For more information, please call Heather Ainardi at 928-773-2577.