Taking the First Steps to Recovery from Substance Abuse

A defining characteristic of addiction is that this disease doesn’t just affect one’s body and physical health, but it can take over all areas of life. The downward spiral includes feelings of depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, mania, and impulsive behavior. Often symptoms worsen, as do the consequences—jobs and houses are lost, drying up benefits and income; relationships are strained or ruined; and the user may engage in behaviors that conflict with previously-held value systems.

Creating_ a_Village_for_Healthy_Families.jpeg

Creating a Village for Healthy Families

For many new parents having a child is an anticipated life event. When the experience begins to unfold, the age-old saying, “It takes a village to raise a child,” becomes more resonant than ever.


Collaborating in the Fight against Substance Abuse and Homelessness

The issues of substance abuse and homelessness are complex, affecting too many of our neighbors. Although the causes are nuanced and difficult to untangle, there is a first line of defense in addressing the issue, a personal safety net.


Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing in Northern Arizona

With suicide among the leading causes of death in northern Arizona* and other mental health challenges on the rise, the Foundation is involved in a community collaboration to improve mental and emotional wellbeing in the region. During our 2018 Turquoise Ball gala, we launched a fundraising initiative to bring Mental Health First Aid ® training to Northern Arizona Healthcare employees and community members. Our aim is to train more instructors to serve the region, and to deliver training to Northern Arizona Healthcare employees and community members.